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Catch up on new properties to our rental inventory and great remodels to existing properties in Destin.

Silver Beach Towers East 1102 Master Bathroom After Compass Resorts Blog Post
For our last blog post in the Greatest Rental Home Remodels Part Two series, we're spotlighting two of our newest properties. Keep reading to learn how we transform the properties that join our rental management program so they're new and improved for our guests! Enclave...
The Palms of Destin 1715 Fully Equipped Kitchen After Compass Resorts Blog Post Greatest Rental Home Remodels
At our latest on-site resort, The Palms of Destin Resort & Conference Center , there have been several recent remodels. In part three of our second round of greatest rental home remodels, we focus on the updates throughout our properties at The Palms. Continue on...
Silver Shells St. Maarten 507 Living Area Compass Resorts Blog Greatest Rental Home Remodels
Following the renovations in Silver Beach Towers, here's the second part of our latest rental home remodel series! In part two of the second installment of our remodel series, we're focusing on Silver Shells Beach Resort & Spa. Keep reading to learn more about how...
SBTE1104 master bedroom
We're back for another round of greatest rental home remodels! Part one of this series features two properties at our on-site location, the beacon of luxury, Silver Beach Towers Resort. Check out how Silver Beach Towers East 702 and Silver Beach Towers East 1104 have...
Compass Resorts Vacation Home vs. Condo Absolute Destiny
When fantasizing about your next vacation, do you envision yourself staying in a hotel? A condo? Or, do you picture yourself relaxing in the center of a large, cozy, coastal vacation home? Whether you’re traveling alone or with the whole family, there are many reasons...
Compass Resorts The Palms of Destin Resort & Conference Center
When booking at The Palms of Destin Resort & Conference Center, there are over 100 condos to choose from in a variety of floor plans. For the inside scoop on The Palms, here’s a breakdown of the different types of vacation rentals and how they can fit your needs.
Last but not least, we’re featuring Silver Shells’ St. Croix 1004 and St. Croix 1206! Both resort rentals have been ahead of the style curve by sporting the coastal look, but now they exemplify how updates to current trends can improve the look and feel of an entire space.
For part three of Greatest Rental Home Remodels we’re spotlighting two vacation homes at Silver Beach Towers East: East 602 and East 1404. Together they're premier resort rentals in style, luxury, and relaxation.
Next in our series of rental renovations are Silver Beach Towers East 1604 and Majestic Sun 512 B! Small style changes have turned into complete makeovers since they’ve joined the Compass Resorts family.
Vacation Rental Renovations
We like to make sure our resort rentals keep up with the trends, and we're sharing before-and-afters of some of our favorite remodels. While some design changes are slight, others are complete overhauls! Explore three of our biggest vacation home transformations to kick off our four-part rental reno series.