Posted on 1/25/2023

Vacation Rentals versus Hotels on the Emerald Coast

When fantasizing about your next vacation, do you envision yourself staying in a hotel? A condo? Or, do you picture yourself relaxing in the center of a large, cozy, coastal vacation home? Whether you’re traveling alone or with the whole family, there are many reasons why staying in a vacation rental could work best for you!

Home Away From Home
When you go on vacation, you have the option to customize every part of your experience. Why not mimic the warm, comforting feeling of being right at home on your tropical getaway? Vacation rentals are individually owned and are often beautifully decorated by the owner themself, giving them that touch of home. Vacation rental homes offer all the bells and whistles as well. Most of these rentals include amenities such as a washer and dryer, a full kitchen, individual bedrooms, personal balconies, and more!

More Space and Privacy
Vacationing in a home or a condo gives you a ton of more space too! This tends to be convenient for those traveling in groups because hotels can feel very concentrated. Even renting a one or two-bedroom condo can make all the difference in space and overall comfort! By having your own bedroom, you can sleep on your own schedule without disruption, and you are assured a level of privacy that hotels do not offer. When vacationing in a hotel, you have to worry about workers entering your room which can make some feel uneased, however, in vacation rentals, you can toss the "do not disturb" sign because the only way an employee will ever step foot in your rental is if you request them to do so.

A Fully Equipped Kitchen
Another perk of staying in a vacation home or condo is having the luxury of a fully-equipped kitchen! These kitchens also include dishes, cookware, appliances such as blenders, toasters, coffee makers, and more. This is a huge advantage over staying in a hotel. Having the option to stock up on groceries and prepare meals from your rental means you can skip eating out every time you are hungry, which can save you a ton of money!

As mentioned above, having your own kitchen alone saves you money but there are many other reasons why staying in a vacation rental is more cost-effective than staying in a hotel. Often, hotels are run by major corporations and will charge for nearly everything, from resort fees to parking, and more! Most vacation rentals come stocked with everything you need at no additional cost and all fees are paid for ahead of time and are clearly stated at the time of booking. Traveling with a large group is where money saving can really come into play with vacation rentals. Travelers can book multiple hotel rooms at the same location, but it’s costly! Why spend thousands on hotel rooms for your group when you can split the cost of a vacation rental? Your group will have more space with an at-home feeling and at a fraction of the cost!

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