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For part three of Greatest Rental Home Remodels we’re spotlighting two vacation homes at Silver Beach Towers East: East 602 and East 1404. Together they're premiere resort rentals in style, luxury, and relaxation. Both vacation homes have adjusted their looks over time, so guests have...
Next in our series of rental renovations are Silver Beach Towers East 1604 and Majestic Sun 512 B! Small style changes have turned into complete makeovers since they’ve joined the Compass Resorts family.
Vacation Rental Renovations
We like to make sure our resort rentals keep up with the trends, and we're sharing before-and-afters of some of our favorite remodels. While some design changes are slight, others are complete overhauls! Explore three of our biggest vacation home transformations to kick off our four-part rental reno series.
destin florida highway
Destin, Florida is a pristine destination on the Florida Panhandle, along the Gulf of Mexico. The area is known as the Emerald Coast for its clear green waters and white-sand beaches. It's easy to choose Destin for your next vacation — but how do you get here?
Destin is a great place to vacation with the whole family. From your vacation rental, easily visit beaches, parks, adventure zones, and amusement centers. Keep reading and discover fun activities for all ages.