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How do I become a Compass Club member?

If you would like to join Compass Club, simply fill out our registration form located here

I am already subscribed for the newsletter emails, is this different?

Yes, Compass Club is a separate membership that will provide promotions to local businesses, as well as exclusive booking discounts with Compass Resorts.

Will I still receive the same promotions that are sent in the newsletters?

Yes, and Compass Club members will be offered early access to newsletter promotions. You will also be eligible for additional member-exclusive specials.

Is there a fee to become a Compass Club member?

This membership is completely free for guests of Compass Resorts.

I do not have an upcoming Compass Resorts reservation, can I still be a member?

Yes, you will still receive our Compass Club email promotions. Once a reservation is booked, you will be able to access and enjoy our Bussiness Partner offers in the Compass Resorts App. 

Where can I find my Compass Club perks?

Compass Club Business Partner perks will be available on your Compass Resorts App. Booking promotions will be emailed to registered Compass Club members.