Staff member Liz Ross

Liz Ross

General Manager

Liz joined Compass Resorts not long after its inception and is one of the longest standing staff members the company is proud to call its own. She didn't just watch this company grow, she rolled up her sleeves and tended the garden. As an active part of grooming our program and inventory for the future, she helps recruit and train management talent, oversees owner and guest experiences, and provides direction for the operations department. It's a job that never ends, but she's the kind of girl who never quits. It's no surprise her alternate dream job would have been to be a lawyer. Passionate, dedicated, and caring, she gives her best to the staff and takes pleasure in developing them into leaders. 

Liz was born in California, and her parents moved her family to the Destin area while she was still young. Her proudest moment was becoming a mom, and she most enjoys the quality time she spends with her son and family. 

Favorite Quote: "Keep it moving!" ~ Cassie Nicholson

How do you enjoy your free time? "Any of the many ways there are to spend time on the water here in Destin will do--on the sand or in the surf, on the bay or on a boat." Now that she's a mommy, her and her son happily watch for one fish or two fish and red fish or blue fish.