Staff member Laureen Riggi

Laureen Riggi

Director of Operations

Laureen is our director of operations and the glue that holds the company together. Her role is ever evolving and she's driven by it! Her motivation, positivity, and go-getting attitude are contagious. Laureen's strength, discernment, and grace make her an essential member of our Compass family. And, it's the people who make up our Compass family that are her favorite part of the job. Anyone who has met her can tell you that she always takes interest in people's lives and is ready to answer any questions.

A local since 2003, Laureen is most passionate about her children and says the proudest moments of her life are when they were born. Her other passions include her faith, good wine, and her schnauzer, Romeo. Her alternate dream job would be being a personal trainer or life coach.

Favorite Quote: “The best predictor of future behavior is relevant past behavior," ~ Dr. Phil

How do you spend your free time? "I love working out, watching Dr. Phil, and baking! Love to entertain and cook for people!"