Staff member Whitney Farmer

Whitney Farmer

Silver Beach Towers Rental Manager

Whitney is extremely invested in both the growth of new properties on our rental program, and those undergoing "rental property rehab," and notes those as her favorite parts of the job. She also loves that every day is different and she's always learning something new; a role she describes as a juggling act that never ends.

Whitney grew up in Niceville, but left for college in Orlando at the University of Central Florida. There she explored her dream job of animal training, specifically for movies, before she moved back to the Destin area to be closer to family--and the beach! Her proudest moment with the company was being part of the initial Compass team at Silver Shells Resort & Spa and The Palms on-site offices. 

Favorite Quote: "You don't get what you wish for, you get what you work for," ~ Daniel Milstein

How do you enjoy your free time? "I spend the majority of my free time outdoors with my son. We love going swimming and playing on the beach, riding bikes, and playing baseball in the front yard. I have also recently developed an extensive background in all things Roblox and Fortnite."