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Did you know that the average male sea lion weighs 700 lbs? Well, you do now! 

Want to learn more fun and interesting facts about your favorite sea animals? Take a trip to the Gulfarium! It is located on the boardwalk on Okaloosa Island. Spend the day getting to know the animals. You can watch Delilah the dolphin put on a show, gawk at Tux the penguin waddling about, or go hear a big "Hello!" from Charlie, the yellow-crested Cockatoo. After doing these things, could someone please stop by the stingray pool and let us know their names? It feels wrong mentioning them without proper introduction. 

After spending the day getting in touch with nature, enjoy dinner at one of the many restaurants right next door then watch the sunset on the boardwalk! We locals highly recommend this experience. Oh, and parents, they have a sunset camp for kids throughout the summer (FIVE HOURS TO YOURSELF, just saying).