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1 May 2017
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Local Life

Destin's more than a beach to see, and more than just a place to be.

Destin is a way to live, by loving life and all it gives.

Let Destin's waters show the way, from shining Gulf to tranquil Bay.

They pour forth flavors through the year, delicious joy and lasting cheer.

Then celebrate the Destin way, and steer your boat into the Bay!

Crab Island is another world, love of life in whole unfurled.

There gathered in the sun we play, meet new friends, and seize the day!

And since we yearned to share our home, in many ways, our Destin's grown:

Gulf-front houses of extravagant sorts,

Voluptuous beds in high-rise Resorts,

Gourmet cafes of well-founded reports,

Events and attractions that never sell short,

and shopping in Destin's a professional sport!

But nothing turns Destin from her steadfast vocation:

To give all she can and make life a vacation!

So when Destin calls you, don't hesitate.

Because life is a journey, and you shouldn't be late.

Stretch your toes in the sand, let the Gulf sing a song.

How hard times in life cannot last very long, 

that every breathe matters, every day is brand new.

How you choose to love it is all up to you!

by Angeline Ross