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7 Feb 2020
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Vacation Rentals
When fantasizing about your next vacation, do you envision yourself staying in a hotel? A condo? Or, do you picture yourself relaxing in the center of a large, cozy, coastal vacation home? Whether you’re traveling alone or with the whole family, there are many reasons why staying in a home-away-from-home is the best way to vacation.


When staying in a condo, hotel, or high-rise, you share not only the entire building or floor but also the walls with other vacationers. Often, that proves no problem. But, picture yourself being able to have a several-story house all to yourself. Being able to live out loud on any floor, across multiple balconies, and even outside in the yard. Private homes provide the space you need to thoroughly enjoy yourself.

Closer to the Grill

Speaking of enjoying the outdoors, vacation homes have plenty of outside space and come with additional accessories. A manicured lawn for the family to frolic. A grill to make your favorite summertime snacks. Even a private, attached garage to securely park your vehicles.

More Space

Vacationing in a home versus a condo gives you more space, too. That could mean space between you and your neighbors, you and the kids, or you and your mother-in-law who tagged along this year. A private vacation home provides more space for you individually and as a family to share.

Private Pools

Another outdoor perk of staying in a vacation home is having a private pool. Even though when you stay here in Destin you’re probably going to the beach, and all our homes are near the beach if not beachfront, you might get the itch to enjoy the water in other ways. By having a private pool in your own backyard, you and your family can enjoy quality time together without being bothered by other people.

Feels More Like Home

When you go on vacation you have the option to customize every part of your experience. You might want to mimic the warm, comforting feeling of what your home feels like or explore living in a house because you don’t. You have the power of choice.

You might be vacationing for the area, for the experiences, or just to relax. But what will anchor your vacation is where you stay. And while there’s nothing wrong with staying in a condo, townhouse, or hotel, why not stay somewhere that feels like home?