Posted on 10/26/2022

4 Reasons to Visit Destin in the Fall

Locals can pretty much all agree on one thing; Fall is an elite season here on The Emerald Coast! The reasons we love Fall range from the gourd-geous weather and all the events that get us outside to the cheaper rates and fewer crowds! We put together some of the top reasons why a beach vacation in the Fall is pumpkin spice and everything nice, see below!

1. Fall Weather in Destin is Unbeatable

Many may not realize that Destin has some fantastic Fall weather! The average temperature lands just below 80 degrees and the water temperatures sit in the upper 70s, making it all around comfortable! You can find sunny days and outdoor activities such as tennis, golf, fishing, swimming, or even sunbathing still going strong in Destin while the rest of the country sees a drastic drop in temperatures!

2. Fall Sunsets

The sunsets in Fall are something you won't want to miss! With the sun rising a little later, it’s easier to wake up early enough to see it shine over the Gulf of Mexico. Not to mention, Fall is also the only time of year when the sun rises and sets directly over the Gulf of Mexico, which is #SunsetGoals

3. The Best Destin Events Happen in the Fall

The Emerald Coast is full of outdoor events in the Fall but two of our annual favorites are the Destin Seafood Festival and the Destin Fishing Rodeo! Both of these events are full of music, food, local vendors, and wholesome family fun that everyone can participate in. For more local Fall events, see our events page!

4. Fall Offers More Discounts

Last but certainly not least, many will say the best part about a Fall beach vacation is the savings! In the Fall and Winter months, vacation rental rates are typically reduced. You can save on travel during non-peak seasons and even snag a better rental because inventory will be more readily available! Compass Resorts is the perfect place to book your next vacation rental, and we are thrilled to help you save some money when you stay with us this Fall season!

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