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Events for Saturday, January 27, 2024

Sing Your Heart Out Competition Event

Sing Your Heart Out Competition

  • Location: The Palms Bistro & Good Vibes Bar, 4201 Indian Bayou Trail, Destin, United States
  • Starts: 5:00 PM
  • Ends: 10:00 PM

We're back for another Epic Sing your Heart out Competition Auditions, but this time its for GRAND PRIZE $10,000. So get your tickets now

About this Event



Sing Your Heart Out Competition


Contestants will be graded on a point system by a set of judges with no direct relationship with any contestants.

1. 0-100 points for Vocals.

2. 0-50 points for knowledge of song. Memorize your song.

3. 0-75 points for your stage presence. Put emotion and movement in your performance.

4. 0-25 points for Mic control. Know where and how to hold your Mic and when to pull it away.

5. 0-20 points for Crowd reaction and control. Bring a friend.

6. 0-5 points for your musical instrument professional level. If you have/use one.

Point total possibility: 275

Official Contest Rules and Information

1. Eligibility. $20 purchase to enter audition stages of contest (Eventbrite “Sing Your Heart Out”) or in -person. This contest is open only to only U.S. Residents. Entrants must be 10 years of age to enter, and minors must have the media release form signed in person to verify identification. Employees of The Palms Bistro (Palms Food and Beverage LLC.), and their respective parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, and their production agencies are not eligible to participate in this contest. Up to two entries per individual at two separate costs.

2. Audition rules. There will be a limited number of auditions between 5:00 pm and 10 pm on each audition date (January 27th, February 3rd, 10th, 17th, and the 24th). Audition order will be “first come, first serve” – entrants will receive a number as they arrive the day of the audition. Registration is open online (Eventbrite “Sing Your Heart Out”) and in-person for that particular day while in the timeframe of the auditions. No refunds will be given should you fail to arrive at your selected date of audition and resubmission will be required. Only two submissions allowed per person.

3. Audition Dates will be January 27th, February 3rd, 10th, 17th, and the 24th.

4. Contest Dates will be March 2nd, 9th, and 16th.

5. Semi Finals will be March 23rd and the 30th.

6. THE GRAND FINALE should be April 6th but is subject to change based on needing a possible Semi Finale day (If too many people sign up) and/or the weather as the FINALE will be on the rooftop of the Palms parking Garage.

7. All results are given the next event day for the Audition and the Contest. Semi Finals and Finale should have the results the same night.

8. The Grand FINALE:

A. Will be on the roof top of the Palms of Destin Parking Garage due to the massive turn-out of the previous Contest.

B. Contestants remaining will get 3 free tickets for their friends and Family and will also be given 7 tickets to sell at a discounted price. The 7 tickets should be sold at $10 per ticket.

C. Tickets for the Grand Finale that are sold at the door are $20 per ticket.

9. Disqualification. If any entry: (1) contains material that is violent, pornographic, obscene, illegal, defamatory, or racially or morally offensive; (2) does not comply with these rules; or (3) does not meet Sponsor(s) reasonable standards for any reason whatsoever, Sponsor(s) reserve the right to reject any entry as ineligible for submission.

10. Media. Media is allowed for entire event, but JVC Broadcasting is our exclusive sponsor for the contest and will be the only ones allowed to set up a remote platform and “claim” to be the “official” hosts of event.

11. Prizes and Conditions of Acceptance of Prize(s). A driver’s license, appropriate picture identification, is required to claim prize. All contestants are required to execute and return the Media Release Form, A signed Contest Rules and Information form, as well as any parental permissions prior to performing in any forms of the contest. Winner(s) will solely be responsible for any and all local, state, and federal taxes, as well as license and registration fees, transportation costs, gratuities and other items of an incidental nature. The Palms Bistro will report any individual winnings over $600 (in cash or fair market value of goods or services) in a one-year period to the Internal Revenue Service. Winner(s) will receive a Form 1099 from The Palms Bistro (Palms Food and Beverage, LLC.) as they report any winnings to the Internal Revenue Service.

Each winner agrees to use his or her name and likeness in publicity without any additional compensation, except prohibited by law. By entering into this contest, each winner acknowledges that The Palms Bistro, and all other sponsors and venues, have the right to publicize and broadcast each winners name, voice, likeness, the fact that he or she won, and all matters incidental thereto, including any information that is publicly available on the winners social media profile or account, or to which the winner gave sponsor(s) permission to access, either directly or indirectly, through Social Media Sites or any related application.

12. Nonprofessionals and professional singers are welcome. We want the best and this is your chance to be seen!


A. FIRST PLACE = $10,000

B. SECOND PLACE = $1,000


D. No matter what, the prize WILL NOT reduce in amounts. However, 2nd and 3rd place will increase if we get more sponsors and if we get above $17k in sponsors, 1st place prize will Increase. All Sponsor cash donations strictly go to contestants.

E. Small prizes throughout the entire contest will be given out on the day of audition, contest, semifinals and grand finale from our sponsors or The Palms Bistro. This consists of gifts, gift cards, etc.

F. A Chance to sing on our JVC Broadcasting radio stations (92.1, 98 Country, 102.1 and 103.1) will happen by their selections. 1st Place Winner of previous contest performed on all 4 on December 14th of 2023.

14. PARKING. Additional parking will be in the Palms of Destin’s parking garage after all restaurant parking is full. Parking during this event will not require a parking pass but cannot be kept overnight. Parking is under camera surveillance but remains a “park at your own risk” and the Palms of Destin Resort and Conference Center Inc or The Palms Bistro is not liable for any theft or damage to your vehicle.

15. Performance additional rules.

A. You can use one musical instrument to accompany you on stage if the instrument is played by you.

B. No back-up singers or band members can back you up.

C. DJ Mike will be on-site to play a karaoke version of your chosen song to perform.

D. Should there be an overabundance of contestants, contestants with instruments will perform on the stage in the outside Good Vibes Bar connected to the restaurant and karaoke type musical backgrounds will be in The Palms Bistro Restaurant.

E. Keep it clean. This is a family Resort and a respectful contest. See section 9 for disqualifications.

F. If by chance that a deciding factor for any part of this contest brings two contestants to a tie in point value, there will be a “sing-off” between the contestants of a different song choice to be rejudged between the two or more that tied.

G. NO tapping on the mics or doing a Mic Drop. An intentional Mic-drop is an immediate disqualification.

H. There will be NO second chances on a song or song version if you have already made it through a minute of the song.