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Thank you for your interest in the Compass Resorts Vacation Rental Management Program. If you would like to learn more or get a no-obligation proposal that includes revenue projections and our fees, please use the contact form on this page to get the conversation started.  

Our Principles

Compass Resorts is a principle-centered company. Our principles allow us to grow, retain our clientele year after year, and sleep soundly at night. We believe in hard work. We tell you about what we offer, how we do it, and how we can help you achieve your goals, solve problems, and achieve success. We value our transparency and integrity. To us, being respectful is fundamental. We listen more than we talk. We apologize when we are wrong or disappoint and make it right. We know we will make mistakes and believe that how we fix them and what we learn from them are among the most important things we do. We put the goals of our clients ahead of our own because we know our clients' success--your success--is our success.

What makes us different?

The answer is simple. What we do in the vacation rental industry really comes down to three basic elements: generating revenue, property care, and service. It is our unique ability to provide best-in-market performance on all three simultaneously that sets us apart. These three elements are our daily priority, our big picture philosophy, and are our core to success. 

Generating Revenue

We understand rental revenue is important to you. Depending on your goals and preferences, it can be of paramount importance or it can take a backseat to the personal use and enjoyment of your vacation home. Whether it’s about ROI or if making a dream-come-true second home more affordable is your style, we'll tailor a program that’s just right for you. Generating high revenue from property-respectful rental guests has become an increasingly complicated process. Ad venues, search engines, online booking integration, dynamic pricing, and dozens of other aspects move and shift all the time.  Compass is committed, invests heavily, and has a proven track record of keeping pace with the changes and obtaining above average market share for our clients. What this means for you is that we make something that is inherently complicated simple. You tell us your revenue goals and we make them happen.

Property Care

The appearance, cleanliness, and upkeep of your vacation rental home is a reflection of you and us. We take that very seriously. We founded our business after seeing an opportunity in the local market for exceptional homecare. We knew that if we could offer homecare that consistently met or exceeded expectations in a market where property owners weren’t satisfied then we would succeed. And, we were right. Our company has grown significantly over the years and our property care is the single biggest reason. All too often prospective clients reported their coveted homes were being treated like revenue mills instead of homes of people that had worked hard to earn the privilege of owning them. Trust that your home will be in the hands of people who care about the upkeep of your home and take pride in its cleaning, maintenance, décor, and function. We get this part right consistently. As a result, our client retention is among the highest in the area. We encourage you to come out and visit some of the properties we have the honor of managing. Seeing is believing.


At Compass Resorts we have a motto that we live by every day. “Caring for our guests and property owners begins with caring for each other.” The owners and senior staff of Compass have created a culture of professionalism, cheerfulness, honesty, responsiveness, respectfulness, and courteousness.  These aren’t just words to us. They are our way of doing business and how we relate to each other throughout our organization. This translates to the best client services experiences in the vacation rental business that Destin offers. Our systems of monitoring and ensuring satisfaction throughout our points of service result in continuous improvement. We never want to assume. We want to know our clients are pleased with our work. If you haven’t already, look at our online reviews across various venues or ask us for owner references. We think you’ll like what you learn about us.

Want to Learn More?

If you are a property owner that’s shopping and needs to know how the clock works, we have you covered. We would consider it a privilege to share a more detailed explanation of our services and benefits. Please contact us for a comprehensive overview of the program. We get excited about sharing what we do and how we do it. Our people are passionate about their work.

We'd be happy to provide you with a no-obligation management proposal for your vacation rental property. The proposal will include our fees, rental projections, and an overview of our services. We look forward to hearing from you!