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Deanna Hebert

Revenue Management Analyst

Vacation rental marketing is a fast-evolving science, and Deanna's constantly in her laboratory creating our winning formulas.  An expert in the mechanics of why vacationers book, Deanna knows how to find the sweet spot where reservation conversion meets optimal returns. Maximizing ROI through better marketing practices is even more complicated than it sounds, and that's why we're happy to have her brillant mind on the team.

Deanna graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi (Southern Miss to those familiar) with a Bachelor's in Business Administration. She focused her studies specifically on marketing and communications, and soon after graduation she applied to Compass Resorts for a position in marketing. Michael, in his infinite wisdom, offered Deanna the opportunity to start her career path with guest services and earn her way up, and that is exactly what she did! Her time on the front line gave her firsthand experience with the guest life cycle, and combined with her thirst for knowledge (and caffeine), she is now an irreplacable asset to our marketing force. Her favorite part of her role at Compass Resorts is 100% the data analysis. By digging through numbers and analyzing trends on both the macro and micro level, she's able to consistently increase occupancy and revenue for the vacation homes on our rental program.  

Deanna's offically been a local for the last two years, but she's had family in the area her entire life, so she's never really been a tourist.  She likes to spend her free time running, both after her toddler son and just miles at a time with only music to keep her company. She also enjoy planning personal vacations, especially to Disney World, and a good movie binge.

Alternate dream job: Beyonce's professional entourage. #slay

Favorite quote: "Without data, you're just another person with an opinion." ~ W. Edward Deming

Proudest moment: This is a toss-up. It would either be graduating college or every morning when I drop my son off at daycare and he tells me he loves me.