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Angeline Taylor

Marketing Manager

Angeline started her career at Compass Resorts in 2011, taking reservations and welcoming guests as part of the front desk team.  Consistently over-caffeinated and possessing a knack for learning all things big and small, she was recruited by Michael to help grow the company through marketing and business development. Her talent and experience continue to be key to the operations of many of the initiatives that keep Compass Resorts at the top of its game. 

Angeline spent the first half of her childhood in the city of Boston, her family only three generations removed from their native Ireland. At 10 years old, she made the dramatic change of scenery to coastal North Carolina, to a place not unlike the Destin area - with the exception of the BBQ sandwiches and the size of the waves at the beach. Her Carolina and Florida hometowns are both keen on fishing, boating, and the beach life. A resident of Fort Walton Beach for more than 15 years now, there's nowhere else she'd be happier raising her three quirky children.  

Alternate dream job: Millionaire philanthropist who rescues orphans from evil.

What's your favorite song? It changes like the seasons, but these three will always remain - "Smile" by Nat King Cole, "Imagine" by John Lennon, and "Hang on, little Tomato" by Pink Martini. Also, every Christmas carol ever, regardless of what time of year it is.