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Chase Sutton Head Shot Compass Resorts 2020

Chase Sutton

Accounting Associate

Accounting Associate Chase Sutton holds the record for being the most interesting yet unsuspecting Compass Resorts employee so far. Not only is he a great accountant but he’s also traveled to 15 countries, studied abroad in China, stepped on an octopus in Grand Turk, learned to waterski in Italy, and self-published a 562-page novel. In fact, his proudest moment was holding the first finished copy. And, you would never suspect, but that’s just the beginning. His diverse, adventurous background helps make him a vital part of the Compass Resorts family. In fact, Chase’s favorite part of working for Compass is bringing things, mostly numbers, into balance. He believes that in accounting there’s always a solution, and it doesn’t hurt that the numbers don’t complain. Other than numbers, he’s also passionate about writing, reading, music, art, architecture, truth, honor, respect, fairness, politics, history, learning/education, philosophy, inclusion, the environment--especially the ocean and what he calls, “all things celestial.” 

Alternate Dream Job: Novelist, travel writer, politician, pilot, or adventurer/treasure hunter 

Favorite Quote: “To live is the rarest thing in life, most people just exist.” ~  Mark Twain 

Favorite Song: “1979” Smashing Pumpkins 

Favorite Book: "Calvin & Hobbes, Of Mice & Men, The Eye of the World, The Fountainhead, Rainbow Six, Sapiens, The Last Lecture, and anything by Daniel H. Wilson, Michael Crichton, Thomas Harris, Robert E. Howard and Michio Kaku."  

How you spend your free time: “Writing, first and foremost, and spending time with my girlfriend. If I could write full time and just hang out with my girl, I could be happy forever.”