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Jessica Kates

Guest Services Manager

Our Guest Services Manager Jessica Kates is a born-and-raised Florida girl who loves the beach and loves our company. She moved to Destin when she first joined the Compass family, and she said it was refreshing to join a business she absolutely loved. Jessica also said that it's her coworkers that make her job so great. As guest services manager, she facilitates our wonderful guests' experiences and helps turn the occasional negative situation into a positive one. Even though her coworkers fondly call her chief people pleaser, it's her naturally bubbly, funny personality that make it easy for her to gel with others. She's passionate about her job, and she's passionate about music and her kids. Her children's achievments are her proudest moments in life so far.  

Alternate Dream Job: "To be on Broadway!"

Favorite Quote: "With a new day comes new strength and new thoughts," ~ Dennis Herrera

How do you spend your free time? "I love to read and spend time with my friends. I have a beautiful white English bulldog that I spend a lot of time with, too!"