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24 May 2017
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A Great Local Destin Restaurant

There are so many great restaurants in Destin but really only a handful that have that true local vibe. When you remember Destin’s origin as the world’s luckiest fishing village, it only seems fitting that our favorites are almost all on the water with a “come as you are” feel. We recently visited Dewey Destin’s for lunch and were instantly reminded why we love it so much. Eating at Dewey Destin’s is as much about food as it is atmosphere; the views are equally as impressive as the food.

dewey destins seafood restaurant

Two Locations, Same Great Food

The restaurant now boasts two locations, Destin Harbor and Crab Island, but any local who isn’t being selfish will tell you the Crab Island location is where you want to be. Located off of Calhoun Avenue, the restaurant feels untouched by time and the food is just as fresh as the day the restaurant opened. The Destin family started in the seafood industry and to this day still serves fresh, local seafood for the highest quality.

Restaurants in Destin - View at Dewey Destin's

Food with a Great Destin View

After ordering a few baskets worth of fried fish and shrimp we found the perfect table with a water view and a nice breeze. Sitting with a big smile and great company, I was easily reminded why I live in Destin and why I take such great pride in sharing our little village with the world. The food arrived quickly and without issue and for the first time during our lunch break there was a lull in the conversation because we were too busy enjoying our meals and admiring the other dishes being carried by our table, mentally planning what we would order next time.

Restaurants in Destin - Lunch at Dewey Destin's

We followed up our meal with a leisurely stroll down the dock to admire the water. Every other sentence was, “I can’t believe what a perfect day it is” as we watched the boats moving to and from Crab Island. So if you have the chance, live like a local. Visit restaurants that aren’t franchised. Eat meals you can’t get anywhere else. And let our home be the place you remind yourself how lucky you are to share moments with the people you care about.

-Deanna Hebert