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23 Feb 2021
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There’s a special difference between renting a vacation home and every other way we spend our travel dollars. 

Of the three ways we typically spend our vacation dough, transportation is one of the first and largest expenses. Airfare, car rentals, taxi services, and gasoline are common costs involved in getting to, from, and around our destination. Food and entertainment are the second big slice of our spending. After all, local cuisine and attractions are all part of what makes vacationing so much fun, right? And, the last piece of the leisure travel pie is accommodations. We all need a place to lay our head at night, a temporary home away from home. While hotels are often the first choice some travelers consider, nowadays there’s more awareness than ever for alternatives like vacation rentals. 

So, what makes spending money on a vacation rental so different?

Here’s the answer: Vacation rentals are intended for you to live in. Not just sleep in, or ride in, or consume — but live. Bring your life over here and have some of this life because it's good.

Vacation rentals let you experience another dimension, traveling through time and space (if time = length of stay, and space = your vacation home). Your vacation rental is its own experience, not just a place to lay your head at night. This is where you can find a quiet moment to tell your mom how much you've missed her this year. It's a place for grandparents to teach kids how to play games that don't need Wi-Fi. You cook together, eat together, and laugh together. Vacation rentals are real homes for you and your family to experience life, even if it's only for a while.

On top of the stellar experiences a vacation rental offers, the cost is often less expensive than reserving hotel rooms. One of the most popular reasons families use vacation homes is to bring multiple generations together.

Here’s what one family shared about their experience at Bella Luna in the Dunes of Destin community:

“We are a family of 15 altogether with kids and grandkids. Bella Luna was a nearly perfect fit for us with all the bedrooms and bed arrangements. It was clean and well maintained. Compass Resorts was very responsive… 

Bella Luna Guest Review

It was an amazing location, so easy to get to the beach and the pool was fabulous! We loved our stay and would highly recommend this home to anyone. We would definitely come back here."
Sincerely, the Lee Family

Whether you’re traveling as a couple or reuniting with an extra-large wolf pack, a vacation rental has an extraordinary experience waiting for you! You can explore a variety of beach vacation homes and condos on the Compass Resorts website. Check out popular searches like beachfront condos or private beach homes